Welcome to Baltic Control® India (Baltic Testing India Pvt. Ltd.) is an Independent, Global recognized one of the leading TESTING, INSPECTION, CERTIFICATION (TIC) Company

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Baltic Control® India (Baltic Testing India Pvt. Ltd) is an Independent Inspection, Testing and Certification company.

We are internationally recognized and operate through a network of offices and trusted representatives across all regions of the world.

What we do

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Agriculture & Food

Our inspection and testing services for Agriculture commodities help clients minimize risk, comply with contractual obligations, and make business more transparent, supportable and long lasting of business relation. As agricultural goods progress from field to fork they need attention, tracking and integrity. We are ready to serve end-to-end supply chain services that reduce risk, ensure quality and improve productivity.

Minerals & Metals

We provides independent inspection, testing services and competent execution for the minerals and metals industries throughout the supply chain. Baltic Control® also enjoys the approval of China, Indonesia, India and other countries with special programs for their importation of metal scrap. Activities include pre-shipment quality control, supervision and inspection of vessel at loading and discharge, and testing and analysis of samples.

Cotton & Jute Yarn

We offer our wide range service for tailor-made inspection, testing, Landing supervision, weighment supervision, stock verification & monitoring services, upcountry & at port for all kinds of cotton & Jute Yarn shipments. The Cotton Industry is a dynamic and constantly changing industry. We prides itself on adapting to the vibrant industry in order that we can champion your needs at any locations.

Governments & Organizations

We are one of the service provider and empanelled for the inspection, testing, sampling, verification services to several governments and institutional organizations, Relief and aid organizations, NGOs, etc. We often given the mandate to check the quality levels of aid products and supplies that help refugees and people in need all over the globe - even at the most remote locations.


Our network of laboratories, and partner laboratories, are purposefully situated in proximity to the world’s major trading centers to maximize our reach and cater a truly global service to our clients and testing is performed at Baltic Control’s laboratories as well as international recognized laboratories where we are confident that the reliability and accuracy of the data we can help customers make adequate decisions on risks and meet their increasingly stringent quality and safety standards and the demands of regulatory authorities around the world.


Our certification services help to ensure that your products or consignments, management systems comply with local and international standards or regulations and we always try to reach our customers where they are, and therefore we strive to be extremely flexible, We can offer our Indian customers to carry out accredited and reliable inspections and certification audits as per National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP) standards, a programme which is globally accepted.

40+ Years of Global Experience

60+ Countries presence

1000+ Employees worldwide

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